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When you get a puppy from Smothers Labs, you are getting:

- AKC registered puppy (Limited)
- Wormed at 2,4 6 and 8 weeks of age
- Dewclaws removed at 3 days 
- 1st round of shots at 5 weeks of age for:
(a) Canine Distemper
(b) Adenovirus Type 2
(c) Coronavirus
(d) Parainfluenza
(e) Parvovirus Vaccine

- Two year guarantee against genetic hip dysplasia
​- Two year guarantee against genetic elbow dysplasia 
- Two year guarantee against genetic eye disorders
- Health Agreement/Contract in writing

A $300 dollar deposit is required to reserve your pick of the litter.  The picks are determined by the order in which the deposits are received for each sex.  Puppy prices vary so go to the page for the female that you are interested in for the price of the puppy.

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